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Got those Winter blues?

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Natalia & Roo think the sun will come out tomorrow!

Winter’s here in Seattle and with the gray skies and rain it is easy to get a little depressed.  The type of depression that comes with the change in seasons is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and is due to a biochemical imbalance in the brain triggered by the shorter hours of daylight and the lack of sunlight that occur in the winter.  One simple remedy for this problem is to  spend at least a little time outdoors each day by going for a walk to help raise your heart rate and make the most of our limited winter light!

If just getting outside isn’t enough to change your mood, regular acupuncture is an excellent treatment option.  Acupuncture helps to balance the nervous system, promotes the release of endorphins, and helps restore the natural balance of body’s circadium rythm which may have been upset by the change of seasons.  Acupuncture is a safe and natural way to help beat the “Winter Blues” and get you through to our next beautiful Summer!
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