Seattle Acupuncturist attacked by wolves!

Well, not exactly.. . But my wetsuit sure didn’t fare too well.  On a recent sabbatical to surf a remote part of NorthWestern Vancouver Island we came across a few of the locals in a way that we didn’t quite expect.  The area is known for it’s wildlife and we have seen bears, eagles, and whales among others on our previous trips but this time we became a point of interest for a local wolfpack.  We saw numerous wolves throughout our week there and even had one walk up to within 20 feet of our camp before we finally chased him off.  Apparently he wasn’t too happy about that because he or one of his friends came to visit us that night…  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  It was quite an adventure and an amazing place to find yourself for a week! 

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2 Responses to Seattle Acupuncturist attacked by wolves!

  1. cathy farrar says:

    I really enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip to the BC coast and the encounter with wolves. You were so lucky to see them! And I am fortunate to see the photos. You might enjoy the book by David Moskowitz “Wolves in the Land of Salmon” There is a chapter about this BC coastal pack.

    • Tyler Martin, L.Ac. says:

      Thank you for the comments, it was a pretty neat experience to get to see the wolves up close! Thanks for the information on the book, I will definitely check it out.

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